HRICANE Black Walnut Concert Size Ukulele

$65.99 $70.00

HRICANE Black Walnut Concert Size Ukulele

$65.99 $70.00
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  • SKU: MU130202HHYJ001
  • Brand: hricane
  • Type: concert ukulele
  • Availability: Out stock
Main Features:
  • The Excellent resonance stability of black walnut wood makes the ukulele sound smooth and clear. Features an arched back to give longer sustain, fuller, warmer and a bit deeper woody tones sound. 
  • Mid-sized ukulele with a bit longer scale and more frets than a soprano, having louder–tuned G C E A. The traditional 23-inch ukulele has black walnut body, walnut fret board and Aquila nylon strings.
  • Made with very high quality black walnut, handmade deluxe bindings. Having deep rich colors and varied grain pattern. The unique inlay around the sound hole makes the ukulele every stylish and unique.
  • The 23-inch size concert ukulele could be an awesome instrument for beginner to intermediate and even for professional player.


  • Size: Concert 23 inch
  • Top: black walnut
  • Body & Side: black walnut wood
  • Fingerboard: walnut
  • Bridge: walnut
  • Weight: 1600g (with box)
Package included
  • 1 x Ukulele
  • 1 x Ukulele Bag
  • 1 x Carbon Nylon String
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